About Us

Hug Me Bears were created with both Funeral Home Directors and Veterinarians who provide cremation services in mind. As these professions each handle the sensitive subject of death while supporting the families directly impacted, there is a need for keepsakes that bring happiness and joy in times of grief. We understand that you have a passion for supporting your clients, and you are constantly striving to fulfill their wishes. We are here to support you and help you in doing just this. Hug Me Bears are high-quality, beautiful, plush animals that contain a heart-shaped metal urn inside of a velvet bag. The bag is held inside the animal which then grants each family member the ability to bring a part of their loved one (or pet) with them anywhere.


Protecting Cremains; Holding Memories; Providing Comfort.


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Clients break down in tears when they hold their Hug Me Bear for the first time. I can see the tears shift from heartbreak to gratitude - they know, in that moment, just how special this keepsake is."

Michelle N.